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Enabling ditchlights with your Auscision Models GT46C-ACe & ESU LokPilot V4 decoder

Above image courtesy Auscision Models

From the factory, the Auscision Model comes equipped to operate on DC. If the user wishes to install a decoder for operation on DCC, the decoder will need to be programmed to enable prototypical ditchlight operation. 

By changing the following CV's (only with a LokPilot V4 or LokSound V4 decoder), the ditchlights will be activated by F11, and be directional. When F2 is depressed (standard mapping to sound the horn with a LokSound equipped model), the ditchlights will alternate left to right in the direction of travel for approximately 5 seconds.

CV31 = 16, CV32 = 2 (these are CV's known as Indexing CV's, which allows CV's higher than 256 to be accessed for reprogramming)
CV394 =  20
CV396 = 128
CV410 =  40
CV412 = 128

CV31 = 16, CV32 = 3
CV426 =  20
CV442 =  40

CV31 = 16, CV32 = 0
CV275 =   9
CV279 =   2
CV291 =   9
CV295 =   3
CV283 =   9
CV287 =   2
CV299 =   9
CV303 =   3

If the process fails, entering a value of 8 into CV8 will reset the decoder to factory settings. If customers wish to have their decoder(s) reflashed for a nominal fee plus return postage, decoders or models with decoders installed can be sent to DCCSound, PO Box 320, Buninyong VIC 3357.