For sound enthusiasts of the railways of Victoria, Australia...

Custom painted TrainOrama S class with ESU LokSound V4.0 decoder and DCCSound S class project

Scratchbuilt 0-6-0 Polly steam locomotive with ESU LokSound micro decoder, 16x10 mm oval speaker and DCCSound Polly project 

Custom weathered Trainbuilder H220 steam locomotive with ESU LokSound decoder and DCCSound H class project

Custom weathered Auscision B class with ESU LokSound decoder and DCCSound B class project

Custom weathered McBees DERM with ESU LokSound decoder and DCCSound DERM project

Custom weathered TrainOrama S class class with ESU LokSound decoder and DCCSound S class project

Custom painted and decaled Athearn F45 by Ted Najzer of Indiana USA; decaled for