V/Line A class by Auscision Models

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

2019 run: with 21-MTC pin plug

Products used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 decoder

DCCSound premium speakers

1) Remove the couplers then splay body around underside from chassis and lift off.

2) With the body moved out of the way of the chassis, unclip the motherboard from the motor cradle (rubber part).

3) Place the two speakers, with each one straddling the driveshaft.

4) Refit the motherboard, then plug in the 21 pin decoder. Note is it plugged in upside down.

5) Refit the shell, test the model then refit the couplers

2012 run: with 8 pin plug

1) Remove the couplers then splay body around underside from chassis and lift off.

2) Just to the left of the decoder pictured below is where a plug and socket resided "WSW". This is removed to provide more room for the decoder. The wires are soldered directly to where the plug mounted to the DC board. Black on the left, red on the right, as pictured.

3) Cut off the SW plug/socket which runs to the fuel tank.Short these two pins with solder, unless you prefer to run the markers always off.

4) Run the two brown speaker wires from the decoder to the two wires which run to the fuel tank.

5) Plug the decoder in to the NMRA 8 pin socket and refit the body.

6) Remove fuel tank from chassis after removing two screws. A cross member must first be removed as it cover one of the two screwheads. Punch out the switch and baffle plate. They are held in place by a small amount of CA glue.

7) Unsolder the switch from the red and black wires.

8) Fit an ESU 16x25mm speaker to inside base of fuel tank, facing up. Fill in top of tank with styrene or leftover material. Fix with CA glue or equivalent.

9) Refit fuel tank, fuel tank cross member, and couplers.

10) Cover over the switch access hole with some PVC tape. This creates an airtight volume over the back of the speaker for better sound.