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V/Line A class by Auscision Models

Updated: Mar 29

2019 run: with 21-MTC pin plug

Products used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 decoder

DCCSound premium speakers (A/B class, pre 2020)

1) Remove the couplers then splay body around underside from chassis and lift off.

2) With the body moved out of the way of the chassis, unclip the motherboard from the motor cradle (rubber part).

3) Place the two speakers, with each one straddling the driveshaft.

4) Refit the motherboard, then plug in the 21 pin decoder. Note is it plugged in upside down.

5) Refit the shell, test the model then refit the couplers

2012 run: with 8 pin plug

1) Remove the couplers

2) Just to the left of the decoder pictured below is where a plug and socket resided "WSW". This can be removed if necessary in order to provide more room for the decoder. The wires are soldered directly to where the plug mounted to the DC board. Black on the left, red on the right, as pictured.

3) At each end of the motherboard, there are 4 plugs on the underside. These interfere with where the speakers will be positioned and therefore need to be removed. Relocate the red and black wires to the top side of the PCB, cutting the plugs off as you go.

4) Fit the speakers in place and wire to the decoder. Ensure speakers are wired in parallel and in-phase.

5) Apply Kapton tape or equivalent to the underside of the PCB on top of the speakers so as to prevent any chance of a short circuit.

6) Once done, test the model then refit the body and couplers

2012 run: Hardwiring

NB. Useful if a stay-alive is to be fitted, switchable via the switch in the fuel tank.

1) Remove the couplers then splay body around underside from chassis and lift off.

2) Remove the motherboard

3) Pull the motor up out of the chassis

4) Solder the decoder's orange wire to the top motor tab, the grey wire to the bottom motor tab

5) Make a platform up from sheet material (3D printed sheet used in this example) and fix the decoder and stay alive to that with double sided tape

6) Insert the sheet material between the rubber motor mounts where the motherboard was located

7) Fit the motor and motor mounts back in place, with the driveshafts reinstalled

8) Wire up the black and red power pickup wires to the bogies (black = left, red = right)

9) Wire the lighting as follows, noting marker light wiring is reversed:

1) White decoder wire = -ve (black) headlight #1 end

2) Aux 1 green decoder wire = #1 end white markers (red wire)

3) Aux 2 purple decoder wire = #1 end red markers (red wire)

4) Yellow decoder decoder wire = -ve (black) headlight #2 end

5) Aux 3 light green decoder wire = #2 end white markers (red wire)

6) Aux 4 pink decoder wire = #2 end red markers (red wire)

7) Blue decoder wire = +ve common

10) Check lighting and reinstall body along with couplers

Simplified speaker installation for 8 pin models

No motherboard / PCB re-work is required. A single speaker is located in the fuel tank as shown below.


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