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VR C class (D/E) by Austrains

Updated: May 29, 2022

Items used:

ESU 58420 LokSound 5 8 pin decoder with C class sound from DCCSound

Premium twin driver sugarcube speaker (C class) from DCCSound

3mm warm white or golden white LEDs (x2)

ESU fine wire

1.5mm heatshrink

To access the model, gently remove the body from the chassis. It is best to work from the long hood end and gently pull up on the body around the side radiator area from the walkway. At the cab end, there are some snap in features on the nose which need to be coerced out of the walkway.

With the body removed, the model need to be converted from DC operation to DCC. This includes changing out the globes for LEDs and making space in the chassis for the decoder and speaker

1) Remove 8 self tapping screws which hold the chassis weight to the plastic chassis.

2) Remove the metal chassis from the plastic chassis as the former will need to be cut up into sections.

3) Remove material from the chassis to accommodate the decoder (above the motor) as well as the 18x40mm speaker which will be fixed to the body underneath the radiator fans.

Use of a hacksaw and a Dremel works well.

4) Reassemble the chassis to the plastic walkway.

5) Hardwire the bogie pickups to the red and black decoder wires and motor terminals to the orange and grey decoder wires. The orange wire goes to the top motor terminal

6) Hardwire the decoder's yellow (-ve), white (-ve) and blue (common +ve) to the 3mm warm white LEDs for the headlights. White is the #1 end, yellow is the #2 'long hood' end. Use 470-1000 ohm resistors in series with both the white and yellow decoder wires.

7) Attach the speaker to the decoder and mount the speaker under the radiator fans with the sugarcube drivers facing down.

8) Check operation, direction of lights and motor relative to DCC cab direction. Use Kapton tape or similar to fix wiring in place.

9) Push body all the way home over the chassis, checking that all parts fit correctly.


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