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VR L class by Auscision Models

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The model comes DCC ready with a 21 pin decoder interface (MTC). The Auscision speaker enclosure is designed around an ESU 20x40mm speaker. The sound can be dramatically enhanced by fitting a DCCSound Premium speaker, with twin 13x18mm sugarcube drivers and MaxiK enclosure. For comparison, the speaker volume is enhanced 200%.

Step 1: Remove the 21 pin DC jumper plug

Step 2: Fit the decoder, noting the correct mounting orientation

Step 3: Fit the speaker, with the drivers facing up in the model

Step 4: Apply some tape to secure speaker in place, e.g. Kapton tape

The V5 decoder is then updated with the latest Victorian Railways L class sound project with authentic recordings of the L class, including the Kockums 3 chime whistle. The model is reassembled by fitting the body on the chassis.

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