VR X class (Ser. 3) by Austrains

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

1) Remove handrails from the body cab and short hood.

2) Lift body off chassis and walkway.

3) A 23mm speaker is positioned inside the fuel tank, facing up.

4) The fuel tank top plate is removed from the fuel tank and a 15mm hole is reamed in the centre of the plate. The 23mm speaker is then glued to the plate and the assembly reinserted into the fuel tank. LEDs replace the incandescent bulbs.

5) The DC board is removed to make room for the decoder and the decoder is hardwired to the existing track pickup wires.

6) The decoder's orange and grey wires are shortened and soldered to the motor. The loco is tested and then the body is reassembled, with care taken not to damage the handrails.