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VR X class (Ser. 2) by Austrains

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Here, an ESU LokSound 5 Standard decoder with twin driver sugarcube speaker has been fitted to an Austrains model.

Access to the chassis is relatively straightforward, the handrails being the only tricky bit on occasion. The body assembly is moved up off the chassis and walkway:

The next step is to remove the Austrains DC board as the decoder will be hardwired, including installation of LED lighting. A single 470 ohm resistor is spliced into the negative lead of each headlight wire from the decoder, in this case the white an yellow leads. Both headlights then run back to a common positive wire (blue).

The speaker is wired to the two brown speaker wires from the decoder. The speaker is then a neat fit in the fuel tank.

The body is refitted once the decoder and fuel tank have been secured.


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