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Austrains T/H class (low nose) LED headlight kit

Replace the factory globes with decoder compatible, reliable LEDs.

Kit includes enough parts for one model:

  • 3D printed plastic locators to position LEDs correctly into Austrains chassis
  • Two LEDs with pre-attached fine wire leads and voltage dropping resistors (470 ohm ea.)
  • LEDs come prefitted to plastic locators
  • Parts are intended as a slight friction fit in chassis, though glue may be required

LED size: 3.2 mm x 1.6 mm, Colour: Warm white (3000K),

Wire size: 0.3 mm diameter, 200 mm length,

Polarity: Black = -ve Fn, Red = +ve common.

Model shown for illustrative purposes only


Austrains T/H class (low nose) LED headlight kit

SKU: Kit_LED_Austrains_T
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