DCCSound is an authorised ESU stockist and we offer authentic sound projects, made in Australia, to suit ESU LokSound decoders. 3 easy options are available:

1) Pre-programmed ESU LokSound V5 decoders available through the Products link above, or

2) U-program your own ESU LokSound V5 or V4 decoder - simply email us the decoder's serial number using a LokProgrammer and we will email the sound project to you, or

3) Send in your decoder and for a nominal fee, we load the sound project including the latest ESU firmware


Visit the Sound projects page to see our ever expanding library of projects (over 65 unique Australian projects).

We also offer decoder installation services, should you wish for us to complete the work. Examples are listed at the Installations link above. Please contact us for a quote.

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To suit LokSound 5 decoders, this sound project is a ground up rebuild, much like the prototype...


Clyde EMD 12-645E3B prime mover (A66)

Leslie RS-5T horns (playable, plus two short types) 

Low note Westinghouse horn

Coupler crash & release

Full Throttle features: Drive Hold; IBV application & release

Turbo lube pump, 12-645E3B driven air compressor

Radiator fans, Dynamic brake

EMD control stand - notching selector including reverser

VLP TPWS alert & radio check; ​Ratchet handbrake, Curve squeal, Sanders, Taildisc

Suits Auscision Models A class (8 or 21 pin plug)

LokSound V5 decoder (58420 or 58429):

Bespoke twin speaker solution available:

With help from Yarra Valley Railway (www.yvr.org.au) in 2019, we have a brand new sound project available to suit ESU LokSound V5 decoders. 

NR class
SRA 81 class
VR D3 class

DCCSound's steam sound projects also include the same great features as our Full Throttle equipped diesel ones do, including:

Heavy Load: Simulate a grade or heavy train - at any road speed - simply by pressing F5. Disengage F5 and the chuff returns to normal.

Coast: Hit the coast key (F6), and the stack chuff drops to just rod clank or a whisper. Disengage F6 and apply throttle when a grade approaches! 

Active brake: Slow down your loco with the brake, not the throttle! Release the brake and the loco accelerates back to the set speed.

Scrolling headlight: This feature enables manual control of front and rear headlights without it being automatically directional, whilst only consuming one function key, F0.


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