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Welcome to DCCSound! There are 3 key elements required to achieve great sound in a model locomotive:

1 The input: The Sound Project

2 The converter: The Sound Decoder

3 The output: The Speaker System 

DCCSound is an authorised ESU stockist and we offer a suite of products and services for model railway hobbyists in search of great sounding models.

We also offer decoder installation services, should you wish for us to complete the work. We have over 10 years experience in digital decoder installations, so please contact us for a quote.

Now available: ESU LokSound 5


 128 MBit sound memory - up from 32 MBit (V4) - greater sound capacity

16 bit, 31 kHz sound sampling - up from 8 bit, 13 kHz (V4) - clearest sound yet

Product codes to suit our Aussie models:

58420 LokSound V5 DCC, 8-pin NEM652 (replaces 54400 V4 8 pin)

58429 LokSound V5 DCC, 21MTC NEM660 (replaces 54499 V4 21-MTC)

58820 LokSound V5 micro DCC, 8-pin NEM652 (replaces 56899 V4 Micro 8 pin)

Our latest project for 2022...

VLP N class
Coming Q3

New RS5T airhorns
New 12-645E3B prime mover loaded and unloaded
Low idle
Electro-mechanical handbrake
Shunting bell

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