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Digitised Crystal Clear Sound - the leader in digital sound systems for model railways

There are 3 key elements required to achieve great sound in a model locomotive:

1. The input: The Sound Project

2. The converter: The Sound Decoder

3. The output: The Speaker System 

DCCSound is an authorised ESU and Zimo stockist and we offer a suite of products and services for model railway hobbyists in search of great sounding models. You can even purchase the decoder, sound project and speaker system as a ready to plug-in "Sound Bundle".

We also offer decoder installation services, should you wish for us to complete the work. DCCSound has over 10 years experience in digital decoder and sound installations, so please contact us for a quote.

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2023 project update: VR 280 Walker

91RM Daylesford Wix.jpg

Recorded from 91 RM at Daylesford Spa Country Railway in 2023
Gardner 8LW engines, Brakes, Doors, Guard's whistle, Control stand sounds
Now available!


RM 63.jpg

Three specific DERM sound projects now available:
58 RM, 63 RM or "Super DERM" 55 RM

DCCSound functions VR DERM FT V5.JPG
DCCSound functions VR DERM 63RM FT V5.JPG
DCCSound functions VR DERM SUPER FT V5.JPG
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