Welcome to DCCSound! There are 3 key elements to great sound in a model locomotive:


1 The input: The Sound Project

2 The converter: The Sound Decoder

3 The output: The Speaker

DCCSound is an authorised ESU stockist and we offer a sweet of products and services for model railway hobbyists in search of great sounding models.

We also offer decoder installation services, should you wish for us to complete the work. We have over 10 years experience in digital decoder installations , so please contact us for a quote.

DCCSound's steam sound projects also include the same great features as our Full Throttle equipped diesel ones do, including:

Heavy Load: Simulate a grade or heavy train - at any road speed - simply by pressing F5. Disengage F5 and the chuff returns to normal.

Coast: Hit the coast key (F6), and the stack chuff drops to just rod clank or a whisper. Disengage F6 and apply throttle when a grade approaches! 

Active brake: Slow down your loco with the brake, not the throttle! Release the brake and the loco accelerates back to the set speed.

Scrolling headlight: This feature enables manual control of front and rear headlights without it being automatically directional, whilst only consuming one function key, F0.


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