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ESU Lok Programmer reference

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ESU Power Pack - tips and tricks not in the manual

Setup of ESU and non-ESU stay alives with ESU LokSound decoders:

CV113: Defines the percentage of charge held by the stay alive.

0 = no supply

255 = maximum

64 = starting recommendation

V4 decoders:

CV315 must be set to 0 for the stay alive to be active. Default is a value of 1 (turned off).

To activate the stay alive make the following CV changes:

CV31=16, CV32=0, CV315=0

V5 decoders:

To activate the stay alive: CV 31 = 16, CV 32 = 0, CV315 = 0

Then set CV339 = 31 for LokSound Standard (AUX9) decoders
Then set CV323 = 31 for LokSound Micro (AUX7) decoders

Wiring DCCSound's speakers

Speaker wiring.JPG
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