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NSWGR 422 class by Auscision Models

Updated: May 4

2019 re-release

The 2nd production run chassis has had a minor design modification done whereby mounting is now provided for a speaker at the number 2 end only.

Compared with the 1st production run, the ESU LokSound V5 21-MTC (58429) decoder is now mounted upside down in the model. In the example below a DCCSound Premium speaker is fitted, featuring twin 13x18 mm sugarcube drivers. The sound enclosure volume is 3.5 times greater than that of the original speaker.

2013 release

It's a simple plug-n-play solution for sound. Remove the two coupler assemblies then gently lift the body off from the chassis. Splay the shell sides out and remove the body.

In this example, the two inductors (green components) and capacitor (adjacent grey component) are removed. The inductors interfere with the decoder when mounted.

Fit the decoder and speaker, ensuring no fine wires are crushed around the speaker area and that the decoder is mounted correctly.

Also, ensure the 3 pads on the Auscision motherboard are clear of objects as the body has electrical spring contacts which must make contact with the pads. In the image below Kapton tape has been used to secure the speaker wires away from the pads.

Finally, refit the body, couplers and test operation.


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