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NSWGR 48 / SAR 830 class by Trainorama

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Room is limited in this Trainorama version of the 48 class, so we have fitted a smaller ESU (58820) LokSound V5 Micro decoder, but also two large sugarcube speakers featuring the larger 13x18mm drivers, one at each end of the model. These speakers are specifically designed for the TrainOrama 48 class.

1) Remove couplers and four screws from underside of chassis

2) Slide body up and off from the chassis.

3) Remove 8 pin DC dummy plug.

4) Remove the factory speaker from its frame and shorten the frame, such that it still supports the light bar for the long hood. 

5) In this installation the ribbon cable was cut off (it didn't behave - the conventional Micro decoders with 8 pin harnesses and plugs were preferred) and the decoder hardwired to the model's 8 pin socket.

6) The speaker in the short hood end was affixed to the shell using double sided tape. Once the short end speaker is installed, refit the body and couplers.

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