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NSWGR 48 / SAR 830 class by Trainorama

Updated: Jul 8

Items used:

ESU 58220 or 58823 LokSound 5 Micro decoder

DCCSound Twin speakers for the Trainorama 48/830 class

To fit the decoder and speakers:

1) Remove couplers and four screws from underside of chassis

2) Slide body up and off from the chassis.

3) Remove 8 pin DC dummy plug from the 10 pin socket.

4) Remove the factory speaker, enclosure including small lighting PCB.

Unscrew the lighting PCB from its plastic molding and attach the PCB to the replacement speaker.

5) Plug the decoder in to the 8 pin socket (note which of the 10 pins to plug into!) and place both speakers on the chassis. If decoder sits too high, the two blue/green inductors on the Trainorama PCB will need to be removed and replaced by thin wire, as shown below, under the Kapton tape.

6) The speaker in the long hood end is held in place using Kapton tape. The speaker in the short hood end is fixed to the shell using double sided tape.

Once the short end speaker is installed, refit the body, body screws and coupler assemblies.


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