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44 / 930 class by Trainorama

21 pin (2021 run)

Items used:

ESU 58429 21-MTC decoder

DCCSound 930/44 class speaker

Lighting notes:

The re-run of the Trainorama 930 class models incorporated a 21-MTC interface in lieu of the 8 pin socket as used in the original run.

The use of a 21-MTC interface has enabled independent functioning of marker lights and numberboards from the headlights.

Normal NMRA convention is that the headlight is on F0f/r. In the case of the model, the headlight is on Aux 1, the rear backup light on Aux 3.

Numberboards are on Aux 2, while the markers are on F0.

So this has been corrected through software in the DCCSound SAR 930 class project that was flashed to the decoder.

F0 = Headlight (directional)

F11 = Numberboards

F12 = Marker lights (white or red - directional)


1) Removes couplers

2) Gently pull body up and off from chassis, noting the staff exchanger box now clears the interior cab molding.

3) Disconnect both speakers from the Trainorama motherboard PCB. If this is not done the load on the decoder will exceed its specification and the decoder will fail. This is not covered by ESU's warranty.

4) Once the factory speakers have been removed or isolated from the Trainorama motherboard PCB, remove the 21 pin DC socket and insert the decoder. Note the correct orientation of the decoder.

5) Place the DCCSound speaker in the chassis, taking care with the bogie pickup wires which pass through that space. It is a friction fit.

6) Refit the body and couplers.

8 pin

The first run 930 class comes with 25mm diameter speakers. The sound output from the model can be dramatically improved by installing a custom DCCSound twin sugarcube speaker, featuring twin 13x18mm sugarcube speaker drivers and a custom enclosure designed specifically for this model. The 930 below received an upgraded speaker, while the customer sought to hardwire a LokSound 5 decoder into the model. The decoder featured the latest 930 class sound project from DCCSound.

Please note that with the speaker as pictured below installed, the speaker at the # 2 end under the radiator fan should be removed or disconnected from the decoder/motherboard.

Another installation below shows a Trainorama 930 class model with a LokSound 5 decoder hardwired with a DCCSound premium speaker. The decoder drives 3 LEDs:

Headlight (F0f)

Back up light (F0r)

Marker lights/number boards (F11)


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