44 / 930 class by Trainorama

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

The first run 930 class comes with 25mm diameter speakers. The sound output from the model can be dramatically improved by installing a custom DCCSound twin sugarcube speaker, featuring twin 13x18mm sugarcube speaker drivers and a custom enclosure designed specifically for this model. The 930 below received an upgraded speaker, while the customer sought to hardwire a LokSound 5 decoder into the model. The decoder featured the latest 930 class sound project from DCCSound.

Please note that with the speaker as pictured below installed, the speaker at the #2 end under the radiator fan should be removed or disconnected from the decoder/motherboard.

Another installation below shows a Trainorama 930 class model with a LokSound 5 decoder hardwired with a DCCSound premium speaker. The decoder drives 3 LEDs:

Headlight (F0f)

Back up light (F0r)

Marker lights/number boards (F11)