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AN CK class by Austrains

Items used:

ESU LokSound 5 DCC 8 pin decoder

DCCSound Premium speaker for the Austrains T class

3mm sunny white LEDs

470 ohm resistors

The model is disassembled by first disconnecting the handrails from the body. The body is then gripped at the long hood end and gently wiggled/squeezed in and up off the chassis by a few millimetres. Then the same is done at the short hood end. Finally the whole body is lifted up and off from the chassis.

The DC motherboard needs to be removed and it's always more reliable to just remove existing PCBs and hardwire the decoder. To access the motor connections and to remove the inductors and capacitor, the top chassis frame is first removed via four screws.

The motor wires are then connected from the decoder to the motor terminals. The orange wire connected to the top motor terminal, the grey wire connects to the bottom motor terminal.

LED headlights replace the globes and the left and right track pickups connected to the decoder's black and red wires respectively.

Finally, the speaker wires are passed down through the chassis and connected to the speaker. The speaker resides in the fuel tank. The fuel tank must be first modified to accept the speaker.

Once the fuel tank is reattached to the chassis underside, the body is refitted along with the handrails.


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