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NRC NR class by Austrains

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

There were two main design runs of the NRC NR class under Austrains. The first run included grain of wheat style globes. The second design featured upgraded lighting to use SMLEDs which controlled headlights, marker lights, numberboards and ditchlights. All models under Austrains production use 8 pin DCC sockets.

1st run (globe lighting)

The body lifts off from the chassis by gently squeezing the hood sides in. Work from one end of the model to the cab.

In this installation, a twin sugarcube speaker was installed in the available cab space, below the belt line of the window.

LEDs were fitted and 470 ohm resistors added to limit the current draw.

The DC lighting board was removed to enable space for the ESU LokSound V5 decoder.

Note: Many of the NR models utilising the 8 pin socket and globe lighting were incorrectly wired at the factory. Subsequently some models were susceptible to decoder damage. When installing a decoder in such a model, it is best to hardwire the decoder and bypass the factory motherboard(s).

2nd run (LED lighting)

A very simple install, the body lifts straight off the chassis, working from the long hood end. The full perimeter of a 16x25mm speaker is superglued to the chassis. An alternative is to fit an ESU 11x15mm sugarcube speaker in the cab.

(Note: in 2020 the speaker design was upgraded to a dual driver, sugarcube speaker, located in the cab.)

In the example below the 8 pin plug has been trimmed and the wires soldered directly to the 8 pin socket, but this is optional. Some trimming of the inside of the bodyshell may be required within proximity of the speaker solder tabs.


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