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GM / S / 42 class by Trainorama

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Items used:

ESU LokSound 5 DCC 21-MTC decoder

DCCSound Premium speakers (S/42/GM)

DC model as received:

Equipped with a LokSound 5 decoder and DCCSound's Premium speakers:

First, the factory speakers are removed along with the DC dummy plug. Then an ESU LokSound 21-MTC V5 decoder with GM12 sounds is plugged in.

The twin speakers are soldered to the speaker outputs on the decoder.

Below is a similar installation, this time in a Trainorama S class model. The 21 pin version's motor connections seem to have been wired opposite to one another, such that the value of CV29 needs to change.

WCR S class with latest speakers, featuring larger enclosures:

4201 with an 8 pin decoder:


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