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VR B class by Train Hobby brass (O scale)

Items used:

ESU 58325 LokSound 5 L decoder

DCCSound Premium twin driver sugarcube speaker for O scale B class (x2)

DCC conversion kit (3D printed)

First, one coupler assembly is removed. Next, 4 screws are removed near the fuel tank. The tank and chassis are then lifted out from the body.

Although a 9 pin decoder may be plugged in to the existing lighting board, the model is not sound ready. Also, due to the larger size of this O scale model, it necessitates the use of a 58325 LokSound L decoder. Therefore the lighting board below is removed from the model, with lighting, motor and track pickup wires soldered to the ESU base plate.

Light globes are non-polarized so polarity with wiring does not matter when soldering to the decoder base plate.

Two speakers are wired to the baseplate. This particular decoder has two, 4 ohm connections. Underneath the baseplate, a mounting board enables a solid connection with the ceiling of the model via two screws.

3D printed cable management parts are fixed to the chassis, which constrain the power pickup wires, away from the driveshafts.

The speakers are fixed to the body's floor with double sided tape, over the # 2 end driveshaft.

All wires are then fixed to the body away from moving parts.

The motor and track pickups are plugged in and the chassis/fuel tank refitted to the body assembly.

Finally, the coupler is refitted and the model tested.


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