ESU 51967 21MTC Adapter Board

ESU 51967 21MTC adapter board

Enables hardwiring of an adapter board to a model where the user prefers to use a decoder with the 21MTC plug/socket arrangement. Solder pads exist on the PCB to solder wires to.


From ESU's website:

The 21 MTC adapter board is suitable for digitising a loco without interface and for the case you do not intend to wire the decoder freely.

The adapter board offers a possibility for installing a decoder with 21MTC connector. This decoder is simply plugged onto the board. At the other end 21 annular rings make a clean wiring of your loco possible. A neat conversion can be made via this adapter board and enables you to use all additional functions of the 21MTC connector (e.g. loud speaker outputs).

Dimensions: Length 22.0mm x 17.0mm (With mounting tab: 27.0mm x 17.0mm)

ESU 51967 21MTC Adapter Board

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