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Auscision Models Tait EMU sound package

Upgrade to a premium DCCSound sound package

  • ESU 58429 LokSound 5 DCC 21-MTC decoder with VR Tait sound project included
  • ESU 58219 LokSound 5 FX DCC 21-MTC sound decoder for mon-motored end car (optional)
  • ESU 59229 LokPilot 5 Fx DCC 21-MTC non-sound decoder for non-motored end car (optional). Note: Canopy lighting set to one state on trailer fitted with a LokPilot decoder. A LokSound (ESU 58219) is required for full canopy light functionality in a non-powered car.
  • If selecting single 58429 decoder only, available sounds (e.g. horns) will be non-directional
  • Premium DCCSound speaker to suit Tait model included with each LokSound decoder
  • Model for illustration purposes only

Auscision Models Tait EMU sound package

SKU: B-AuscTaitEMU
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