NRC NR class (D/E) Full Throttle sound project

National Rail NR class (NR 1-121)

Now available to suit Austrains, SDS or Auscision!

7FDL-16 prime mover (c/o NR92)

Kockums TA-75 5 chime horns (c/o NR40)

Engine start-up bell

GE air dryer & condensate spit valve

GE "whoop" air compressor

Shunting bell

Dynamic brake

Drive hold

Independent brake

Brake graunch

Coupler crash and release 

Curve squeal


NRC NR class (D/E) Full Throttle sound project

  • You will need access to a LokProgrammer to read out the specific serial number of your LokSound 5 decoder (e.g. FFDA1B2). Email the serial number to us and we'll send you the sound project(s).