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V/Line N class (D/E) Full Throttle sound project

V/Line N class (N451-N474) "As built era"

EMD 12-645E3 prime mover (C/- N471)

Leslie SuperTyfon RS-5T & Nathan P5NC airhorns

Low note horn

Dynamic brake

Head-end power (HEP) unit

Low idle (reverser in-out for 645 series engines)

Drive hold (Full Throttle feature)

Physical brake (Full Throttle feature)

Manual ratchet handbrake

Brake graunch

Coupler crash, brake lines, coupler bar

Curve squeal


TPWS and radio check chimes


V/Line N class (D/E) Full Throttle sound project

  • You will need access to a LokProgrammer to read out the specific serial number of your LokSound 5 decoder (e.g. FFDA1B2). Email the serial number to us and we'll send you the sound project(s).

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