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V/Line Sprinter Full Throttle sound project

V/Line Sprinter (7001-7022)

Deutz twin prime movers (c/o 7009)

Cold start + hot start engine sequence

City, Country & mixed 3 chime horns

Air compressor

Sprinter Scharfenberg air-coupler

Door closing announcement & chime

Physical brake control, with Sprinter air brake release sound

VLP Train Protection & Warning System (TPWS) alert tone & Radio check

Curve squeal

V/Line Sprinter Full Throttle sound project

SKU: SP-ESU5-V/LINE_Sprinter
  • You will need access to a LokProgrammer to read out the specific serial number of your LokSound 5 decoder (e.g. FFDA1B2). Email the serial number to us and we'll send you the sound project(s).

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