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VR Tait EMU Full Throttle sound project

VR Tait EMU set

Pantograph up/down

Full lighting control: Headlight, Destination board, Canopy light logic, red marker lights

GE air compressor

Traction blower fans

Coupler crunch (knuckle coupler as appropriate)

GE traction motor growl

RVB Hurricane playable and short whistles

Low and high speed rail clack/doppler, curve squeal

Windscreen wiper

Sliding passnger doors

Guard's ding-ding bell

Brake squeal

Note: Due to the complex nature of the canopy light programming ESU LokSound "MKL" (Marklin protocol) decoders are not compatible. Use 58429 or 58419 decoders instead.

VR Tait EMU Full Throttle sound project

  • You will need access to a LokProgrammer to read out the specific serial number of your LokSound 5 decoder (e.g. FFDA1B2). Email the serial number to us and we'll send you the sound project(s).

  • If you have two LokSound decoders for a 4 or 7 car set, you will receive two LokSound projects, with directional horns amongst other sounds.

    If you have one LokSound decoder and one LokPilot decoder, you will receive two projects, with non-directional sounds. Due to limitations of LokPilot decoders, the canopy lighting when active can only be set to one combination of lights in the non-motored car.

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