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VR B class by Auscision Models

B class (21 pin, 2020 production run)

The following model was sent in for a speaker upgrade. The factory speaker was replaced with a DCCSound Premium speaker featuring twin sugarcube drivers and custom enclosure to suit the latest chassis from Auscision models.

Factory fitted speaker:

DCCSound premium B class speaker fitted:

B class (8 pin, 2011 production run)

Items used:

ESU LokSound 5 Micro DCC decoder with B class sound project

Twin sugarcube speakers to suit Auacision A/B class (pre 2020)

First, the couplers are removed from each end of the model.

Next, the boy is lifted off from the chassis, slightly splaying out the bottom edge of thebody along the sides.

The speakers sit under the main motherboard, so the 4 white sockets at each end of the board must be removed to make space for the speakers.

The board is removed from the rubber motor mount grommet and each socket is cut from the underside of the motherboard using Xuron rail snips (or similar). The red and black wires are then soldered to the top side of the motherboard. Do this for the remaining 7 sockets.

The speakers are then placed into position in the chassis, as shown below.

Apply Kapton or similar insulating tape to the underside of the motherboard at each end to prevent any short circuits with the speakers.

Wire the speakers in parallel and in phase to the decoder.

Refit the motherboard back into the rubber motor mount grommet.

The decoder's wires have been shortened in the example below and soldered to the side of the 8 pin socket.

Decoder and speaker installation completed:

Finally, refit the body and couplers.

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