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VR A2 class by Trainbuilder

Updated: Dec 11, 2020


There is no work required of the engine, all work is done with the tender.

The tender is disassembled through four screws holding the frame to the jacket.

DCC fitout

The following items were then fitted to the tender:

ESU (58820) LokSound V5 Micro DCC 8 pin decoder with A2 class sound,

DCCSound Stay-alive unit,

DCCSound Premium sugarcube speaker (8 ohm)

The 8 pin plug is removed (DC operation), and the decoder plugged in. The speaker is then fitted in the tender using double sided tape. All electrical contacts are protected from possible short circuit with the metal model. The decoder and stay-alive are then located in the tender jacket.

Finally, the tender was reassembled and tested with the engine.


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