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VR R class by Eureka Models

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Coal burner

This particular model came with a pre-installed ESU LokSound V4 decoder. The model was upgraded with the following items:

ESU 58420 LokSound 5 8 pin decoder,

ESU 54671 Power pack Mini / stay alive unit,

DCCSound Premium twin driver speaker (4 ohm).

The tender jacket was removed from the tender floor via two screws on the underside of the tender. The new decoder was hardwired to the following leads:

Black: LHS track power (engine and tender)

Red: RHS track power (engine and tender)

Grey: Motor #1

Orange: Motor #2

White: Front headlight (switchable function)

Blue: Common positive for headlight

Brown: Speaker wires

Eureka 6 pin engine wiring:

Left to right (viewed from rear to front):

Pin 1: Motor Orange

Pin 2: Motor Grey

Pin 3: +ve headlight

Pin 4: -ve headlight

Pin 5: Track Left

Pin 6: Track Right

The decoder was then updated with the latest R class project, and following successful testing, the tender was reassembled.

Oil burner

This model came with the original QSi Solutions decoder from 2013, which was no longer working. A LokSound V5 decoder was hardwired to the model, and a single 4 ohm large hi-bass speaker was fitted. A custom enclosure was produced to suit the available space and hi-bass driver. This speaker is available through the DCCSound website.

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