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VR R class by Train Hobby brass (O scale)

Items used:

ESU 58325 LokSound 5 L decoder

DCCSound Premium twin driver sugarcube speaker for O scale R class (tender)

DCCSound Premium sugarcube speakers for O scale R class (smokebox)

Most of the installation work pertains to the space inside the tender, where the decoder and large tender speaker will reside. Minor work is completed on the engine where two smaller speakers will be placed in the smokebox area.

First, four screws are removed from the underside of the tender, enabling the tender top to be separated from the chassis.

The wires from the 6 pin plug are disconnected where they join the factory DC lighting board. The lighting board is already affixed to the side of the tender and left in place.

The disconnected orange, grey, red and black wires are now re-connected to the top side of the ESU decoder support PCB. The tender pickup wires (red and black) are connected to the underside of the decoder support board.

Next, 470 ohm resistors are wired into the white (headlight) and black (back up lamp) wires and connected to the ESU board.

Speakers are wired to the ESU board too, with the L series decoder supporting two, 4 ohm loads.

The tender speaker is 4 ohms and wired to the board.

Two speakers are wired in parallel in the smokebox area then two wires from those speakers run the length of the engine (fishing tape/brass rod is used to route these wires) to a 2 pin socket/plug placed between engine and tender. Finally, those two wires are soldered to the ESU board in the tender.

The decoder is then plugged into the ESU board and along with the speaker, placed into the tender space and fixed into position using double sided tape.

The tender's chassis is fixed to the tender top with the 4 small screws, one at each corner.

Two speakers which will become a compact fit in the smokebox, enabling sound from the complete length of the model.


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