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FreightCorp 82 class (1st run) by On Track Models

Updated: Jan 15

Items used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 DCC decoder with 82 class sound project

DCCSound 82 class premium twin speakers

To access the space to install the decoder and speakers:

1) Pull the fuel tank away from the chassis and remove the two screws from the underside of the chassis, one inside the fuel tank and the other near the bogie.

2) Lift the centre hood section up and away from the chassis

Next, remove the 21 pin DC jumper board and plug the decoder in, taking care with the mounting orientation.

Place the two speakers into position as shown below and fix to chassis using a small drop of CA glue or equivalent.

Test operation and then refit the centre hood section, screws then fuel tank.

The sound project is specific to suit this run of the 82 class model:

  1. Motor direction reversed (forward is battery box leading)

  2. Aux 1 is #1 end headlight & numberboards

  3. Aux 2 is #2 end headlight & numberboards

  4. Front light is #1 end markers & ditchlights

  5. Rear light is #2 end markers & ditchlights


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