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VR D3 class by SDS models

Warning: Speaker only suits SDS models with the flared-top tenders. This speaker does not suit the straight sided tender as used on the Phoenix Reproductions D3. Items required: ESU 58429 LokSound 5 DCC decoder DCCSound premium speaker for SDS D3 model

The tender is disassembled via two screws located under the tender floor towards the back of the tender. The tender top is then removed from the chassis. The two factory speakers are then removed by first undoing and removing the four screws that hold the PCBA down to the chassis. The factory speakers (drivers and clear enclosures) are removed. The four screws are reaffixed in place, holding down the PCBA to the chassis. The new speaker is then a sliding fit underneath the PCBA as shown below.

Once the speaker is in place, the two speaker wires are soldered to the decoder, on the underside of the decoder's PCB.

The tender top is then refitted to the chassis, and the two screws refitted on the underside of the tender.


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