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NSWGR 38 class by Eureka Models

Updated: Feb 22

Items fitted:

ESU 58420 LokSound 5 8 pin decoder,

DCCSound Premium twin speakers for Eureka 38 class

The tender jacket was removed from the tender floor via two screws on the underside of the tender (engine end).

The two speakers were then placed on the tender floor. The taller speaker sits at the rear of the tender, while the shorter one sits under the Eureka motherboard. The angular orientation of the speaker is irrelevant as the notch provides space for the sound to exit the tender space.

Clearance must be provided such that the speaker tabs do not contact any other metal parts, e.g. the motherboard.

A small dab of Micro Kristal Klear adhesive glue is used to secure both speakers to the tender floor.

Next, the 8 pin plug is removed from the DC model and the decoder is plugged into the Eureka motherboard, and secured using double sided tape.

Finally the tender jacket is refitted along with the two securing screws.


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