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VR H class by Trainbuilder

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

2021 release (made in China)

Items used:

ESU 58420 LokSound 5 DCC 8 pin decoder

DCCSound Premium twin driver sugarcube speaker

DCCConcepts ZEN stay-alive

Four screws are removed from the underside of the tender floor

The 8 pin DC plug is removed from the socket

The speaker and stay-alive are soldered to the decoder

Kapton tape is used to cover any electrical points to prevent any possible shorts

Next, the speaker, stay-alive and decoder are affixed using double sided foam tape

Once packaged inside the tender, the four screws are replaced.

2010 release (Made in Korea)

Due to an assembly error by the factory, the tender wiring requires rework in order to enable the tender lights to operate on DCC. The tender easily accommodates a LokSound standard sized decoder and included 23mm round speaker with enclosure.

1) Remove the tender jacket from floor by removing 4 screws from the underside of the floor.

2) Disconnect the 2 pin black plug and socket. Next remove the wire harness from the decoder... it is easier to work on harness with it removed from the tender.

3) Reverse the polarity of the wires coming from the black 2 pin socket (see below). Set the tender aside in a safe place.

4) Cut off the 9 pin JST plug and disregard the printed circuit board covered with heatshrink, as it's only required for DC operation. The decoder will be hardwired, so the alteration is pretty much permanent.

5) The two yellow wires in the harness split into two. Cut the yellow wire at the junction which runs to the 2 pin black plug. Connect the yellow wire from the 2 pin black plug to the blue wire. The intact yellow wire which runs from the JST 9 pin plug to the smaller 6 pin plug will be connected to the decoder's grey wire, which transmits power to one of the motor brushes in the engine.

6) Connect up the following wires as such: Red (decoder) -> Red (harness), Orange (decoder) -> Orange (harness), Black (decoder) -> Black (decoder), White (decoder) -> White (harness), Blue (decoder) -> Purple (harness), Grey (decoder) -> yellow (harness & goes to 6 pin plug), Purple (decoder) -> not used, Green (decoder) -> not used.

7) To make the speaker enclosure air tight, apply PVA glue, Microscale Krystal Klear to the six slots in the speaker enclosure, then affix enclosure and speaker to inside of tender jacket using double-sided tape.


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