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VR F class by Trainbuilder

Items used:

ESU 58823 LokSound 5 DCC Micro decoder with VR F class sound project

ESU 54671 Powerpack mini

DCCSound Premium speaker 13 x 18 x 6 mm

DCCSound LED kit - Golden / Warm white (SKU: LED_WW_LRG)

Disassembly of body from chassis:

1) Unclip two yellow body handrails from chassis

2) Remove four screws from underside of chassis (no need to remove couplers)

3) Lift body up off chassis

In this example, the lighting was replaced with four SMLEDs, so the motherboard was removed entirely, providing room for the DCC components

The chassis is set aside as the lighting, decoder and powerpack would be installed in the body.

The SMLED mounts and lightpipes are prepared for fitting to the body.

The two headlight SMLED mounts are fixed in place and the four SMLEDs wired to F0f, F0r and Aux 1, using 470 ohm resistors. Aux 1 will control the 4 markers lights.

The decoder and powerpack are fixed to the ceiling of the body using double sided tape.

The speaker is wired to the two brown wires from the decoder and placed into position in the cab using double sided tape. it is placed below the window line so as not to be visible.

Next, the black and red wires from the decoder are trimmed and connected to the left and right track pickups. The orange wire is connected to the motor top tab and the grey wire to the bottom motor tab (assumes cab forward is #1 end).

The body is then lowered onto the chassis, 4 screws refitted along with handrails clipped back into chassis.


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