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PHN Power Van by Auscision models

Updated: Apr 5

Items used:

ESU 58219 LokSound 5 FX decoder

DCCSound Premium speaker for the Comeng Power Van

Disassembly of body from chassis:

1) Splay body sides away from chassis, as there are 4 features per side that hold the body in place.

2) Gently lift body shell from chassis, avoiding damage to fine details

Next, for ease of assembly, remove the two screws that hold the Auscision motherboard in place. Set these aside in a safe place.

Flip the motherboard over and remove the 21-MTC DC board as well as the Auscision enclosure.

Fit the decoder in the same orientation as the 21-MTC DC board prior to removal. Ensure all 21 pins are aligned correctly and not jammed one row out. If incorrectly installed the decoder will fail on powering up.

Fix the speaker upside down (drivers face down) to the two speaker posts, using the two screws removed from the enclosure earlier.

Refit the Auscision motherboard as shown in the image above, test the decoder, and then refit the body.


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