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V/Line Sprinter by On Track Models

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Items used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 21-MTC decoder

DCCSound premium speaker for OTM Sprinter

Microscale KristalKlear adhesive

The body is removed from the chassis by splaying it outwards along each side and carefully removing it from the chassis. There are three features per body side that locate the body to chassis.

A 21-MTC decoder is mounted correct side up (as shown above). The speaker is located on top of the main lighting PCB. Two small recesses locate over the top of surface mount electronic components as shown:

Align the arrow on the speaker with the red arrow on the lighting board. A small drop of non-permanent adhesive is added to the underside the speaker to bond it to the PCB.

Once the glue has cured, test operation before reinstalling the body, noting the correct orientation of the body (there is a molded on arrow on the ceiling of the body).


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