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SRANSW XPT by Auscision Models

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The first step is to remove the body from the chassis. The skirt of the body is spread ouwards and the body lifts off the chassis.

It is recommended to fit two sound decoders, as doing so enables even sound spread along the length of the train. There are two sound projects, one "Leadin unit" and one "Trailing unit". The decoders have the same address, so no consisting is required. The leading power car pulls while the trailing car pushes. Change direction and that order is reversed. The horns and lights have all been configured according to the direction of travel.

Please note that all XPT models (that we have seen) come with the motor wires connected in opposite polarity, which is corrected in the sound project by us. The end user does not need to do anything, it is just for awareness.

Decoder fitted to 21-MTC plug, as shown below:

Custom XPT speaker from DCCSound fitted to model. The speaker features 13x18 mm twin drivers and a custom enclosure (Transmission Line Speaker technology) to deliver rich sound.

Re-fit the body once the operation of the units has been checked.


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