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V/Line N class by Auscision Models

Updated: Mar 29

Fitting sound in an Auscision N class can be accomplished in one of two ways, either re-using the 8 pin plug motherboard or hardwiring a decoder (recommended), bypassing the DC board.

One advantage of hardwiring is that it enables separation of the marker lights from the headlights, for independent functioning and control.

Using the 8 pin plug

Items used:

ESU 58420 LokSound 5 8 pin decoder

Twin sugarcube N class speakers by DCCSound

Stay alive by DCCSound

First, the centre hood section is removed, using the method outlined via the hardwire method below. Next, the speakers are wired to the decoder. Following this, the speakers are located into the centre hood section.

The decoder is plugged into the motherboard and then speakers are located at either end.

In the example above, the model required a stay alive be fitted, the latter placed underneath the PCB.

Once tested, the centre section is refitted to the model.

Hardwiring method (recommended)

Items used:

ESU 58420 LokSound 5 8 pin decoder

Twin driver N class speaker by DCCSound

ESU Powerpack Mini

Centre hood removal:

1) Undo two screws, one either side of the fuel tank and back each one off by about 4mm, or until they are free from the part they screw into. There’s no need to remove them completely from the chassis. These screws hold the centre hood section down onto the chassis and walkways.

2) Gently, lever the hood section up. With a bit of wriggling and persuasion it should let go from the walkway. It may be glued in position, so be patient.

3) Once the centre hood is removed, remove the motherboard. Snip off the motherboard mounts from the plastic motor top plate.

4) Attach the decoder to the motor top plate with double sided tape

5) Solder the following decoder wires:

Grey wire to top motor tab

Orange wire to bottom motor tab

6) Reinstall motor and motor top plate via 4 screws

7) Install the speaker, wiring the two brown speaker wires to the decoder. Note avoid the centre hood screw as it comes close to one speaker wire.

8) Wiring:

Red decoder wire to right rail wires

Black decoder wire to left rail wires

Blue common decoder wire to yellow and white lighting wires

White wire (#1 end headlight): Black -ve: #1 end headlight

Yellow wires (#2 end headlight): Black -ve: #2 end headlight

Dark green wire (Aux 1): Black -ve: #1 end white markers

Magenta wire (Aux 2): Black -ve: #1 end red markers

Pink wire (Aux 3): Black -ve: #2 end white markers

Light green wire (Aux 4): Black -ve: #2 end red markers

9) Confirm the model operates on DCC and then reattach the centre hood section, taking care to avoid any damage to wires.


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