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VR DERM by Steam Era Models

58 RM was sent in by a customer for a full sound fit out. The SEM kit comes with a Black Beetle spud drive, set up for operation using DC. The first step is to convert the drive spud to run on DCC. To do this, the wires coming from the motor are separated from those of the track pickups. An additional hole is placed in the floor of the DERM for the motor wires to exit into the guard's compartment area. Finer and more flexible ESU wires replace the SEM pickup wires.

Items used:

  • ESU 58420 LokSound 5 DCC 8 pin decoder with DCCSound DERM sound project

  • Stay alive circuit (compatible with ESU V4/5 decoders)

  • DCCSound Premium sugarcube speaker

  • ESU fine black 32 AWG wire

  • Fine heatshrink

  • Kapton tape

The spud pickup wires are then connected to the trailing bogie pickup wires.

A 2000 uF 25V stay alive circuit is added and wired to the decoder. This improves operation on DCC as the sound does not drop out as easily in case of lost power pickup.

A sugarcube speaker is added, pictured below, on the driver's side:

The decoder, stay alive and speaker are neatly packaged up such that the body can be refitted:


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