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VR J class by Ixion models

Items used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 sound decoder with J class sound project

DCCSound Premium sugarcube speakers (S-901)

MicroScale Micro Kristal Klear glue

The decoder and speakers are mounted in the available tender space. Fitment is as follows:

1) To access the tender, remove the two screws as shown. It helps to loosen off (but not remove) the rear bogie to gain access to the screw head underneath.

2) Once separated, disconnect the JST 2 pin plug/socket.

3) Remove the 21-pin DC socket PCB and set the chassis aside.

4) Next, apply two small drops of tacky glue, such as Microscale Micro Kristal Klear to the underside of the tender top and locate the two speakers in place. Do not user superglue (CA) as it is too permanent and makes removal of the speakers if the need arises, difficult.

The speakers are a slight-tight fit past the ribs on the side of the tender jacket. Wait for the glue to bond, or if you're in a hurry take care to not let the speakers move out of position too much.

6) Carefully plug the decoder in, and gently bend the four speaker wires up at 90° to clear the speakers once the chassis is reinstalled.

7) Reconnect the JST 2 pin plug/socket connector. There is less space inside the tender of a coal burner, so pay attention that the plug/socket doesn't get in the way of the decoder.

8) Check that all wires are held in place so they don't get jammed between the chassis and the tender when reassembly occurs.

9) After checking all wires are clear, slowly insert the chassis and decoder assembly back into the tender and fit the two screws back in place. If the chassis floor isn't quite flush with the tender floor, then recheck the wiring placement.

10) Gently tighten the trailing bogie pivot screw too.


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