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VR Tait EMU by Auscision Models

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Items used for Auscision EMU set:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 21-MTC DCC decoder for motored unit

ESU 58219 LokSound 5 FX 21-MTC DCC decoder for non-motored unit

DCCSound Premium Speakers (x2)

1 business card

For dispersed sound along the length of the set, a sound decoder and speaker is installed at each end.

Disassembly of the non-motored unit is easier as there is more torsional flex in the chassis due to the plastic seating, enabling the chassis to be separated from the body more easily than with the motored chassis.

Work from the non-cab end, gently separating the body from the chassis. There are four metal features per body side on the chassis that hold the body into position. The bottom of the body mid-way along is pulled out and some card placed underneath to release from the chassis.

Next, the 21 pin DC plug is removed, along with the dummy sound enclosure. A 21 pin decoder and DCCSound Premium Speaker are installed. Take note of the decoder mounting orientation, in that is to be mounted upside down, so ensure the pins line up. The speaker has markings to show that it is designed to fit one way, clearing the flywheel.

To convert the lighting from DC to DCC, the long JST plug must be removed from the "DC" socket and moved to the "DCC" socket, as printed on the motherboard. This must be done in any car fitted with a decoder.

Once done, the bodies can be reinstalled.

If one has a 7 car set, the 4th car (trailer) must have its 21 pin dummy plug removed for DCC operation. Otherwise, the 35V capacitors on the DC plug can interfere with the DCC signal.

Motored unit with 58429 decoder fitted:

Non-motored trailer with 58219 decoder fitted:

The canopy route lighting is configured to operate off F12, which controls 8 different combinations of canopy light configurations, per end. This saves having many function buttons necessary to control the individual lighting outputs (6 additional keys).

Here are the configurations for the various Melbourne services:


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