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VR W class by IDR Models

Items used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 DCC 21-MTC decoder

DCCSound Premium sugarcube speaker to suit IDR W class

MicroScale Micro Kristal Klear adhesive

Desoldering braided tape / solder wick

First, the two air tanks on the underside of the chassis are removed by gently pulling them down from the chassis.

Next, the two coupler assemblies are removed. The body then lifts off from the chassis.

The two small screws holding the motherboard to the chassis are removed. Room is required for the new larger speaker, so the two top supercaps will be relocated to the underside of the motherboard.

The two supercaps are desoldered from the motherboard and relocated to the underside of the motherboard, noting polarity when resoldering. The dashed lines on the side of each cap signifies the negative side. It is handy to use desoldering tape to aid the removal of the two caps from the PCB.

Next, the speaker is wired to the decoder. Kapton tape is applied around the speaker to cover the speaker contacts so they do not short on the motherboard when the model is reassembled. One end of the speaker is located up against the cab end and fixed in place using Kristal Klear adhesive. The speaker driver should face down in the finished model, as pictured.

The chassis is then lowered into the upside body.

Next the coupler assemblies and air tanks are refitted.

The model is turned over and tested.


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