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NSWGR 442, SAR 700 & PTCNSW 80 class by Austrains

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

There were two variants of these models produced by Austrains over the years:

1) Plastic chassis, not DCC ready

2) Metal chassis, with provision for DCC

Non-DCC ready plastic chassis

In the image below, 8040 has been fitted with twin sugarcube speakers, specifically designed for this chassis, an ESU 58823 LokSound 5 DCC Micro decoder and ESU Power Pack mini stay-alive unit. The globes were replaced with LED headlights front and rear, connected via 470 ohm resistors back to the decoder.

DCC ready metal chassis

A DCCSound premium twin sugarcube driver speaker was fitted inside the cab, providing more than ample sound.

An ESU 58420 LokSound 5 DCC decoder was then hardwired to the model and speaker. LED headlights were incorporated into the model too.


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