442, 700 & 80 class by Austrains

Plug in: The wiring for the Austrains 442/700 is not DCC compatible and may cause irreversible damage to the decoder and/or model. Hardwiring is therefore recommended.

Hardwire: The chassis at the #2 or B end (under the round radiator roof fan) is removed to facilitate the fitment of a 20x40mm LokSound speaker and sound enclosure. The sound enclosure is trimmed to remove its floor and then it is bonded using CA and Micro Kystal Klear to the inside roof. The very end of the chassis which supports the #2 end headlight is retained and fitted with double sided tape. The LED headlight is inserted into this part and then the assembly is taped to the inside of the roof, between the speaker and clear headlight lens. The speaker is fitted to the sound enclosure and completely sealed with MicroScale Krystal Klear. Doing so delivers much better sound. The decoder (LokSound Micro) is double-sided taped to the #1 end chassis extension.


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