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NSWGR 47 class by Trainorama

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

An ESU (58820) LokSound V5 Micro DCC decoder was installed in this model for a customer. A DCCSound Premium speaker was installed in place of the original Trainorama speaker, which had been removed previously. The new speaker was designed specifically for the 47 class' available space, featuring twin 13x18mm sugarcube drivers.

The upper body and cab separate as one section from the walkway, the latter stays with the chassis. The upper body is removed from the walkway and chassis by gently squeezing in the body sides so as to dislodge the clips holding the body to the walkway.

The light bulbs in this particular model were replaced with brighter golden white LEDs. The colour temperature of the golden white LEDs accurately replicates the headlights of the railways from the 1950s to 1980s prior to prototypes deploying LED headlights.

Due to a diode fault on the circuit board of this particular model, all components bar the 8 pin socket were removed. The LokSound decoder was plugged in, and the speaker placed into position, secured by two small, fine thread screws.

Following successful testing, the body was placed back onto the chassis.

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