DERM by Trainbuilder

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

2nd production run (2017)

This run came from the factory with a new spud drive located under the chassis, which liberates room in the guard's compartment for some decent sized speakers. In this example, a twin 13x18mm sugarcube speaker has been fitted, along with a LokSound V5 8 pin (Standard) decoder. Each lighting function output is protected by a 470 ohm resistor.

1st production run (2011)

The Trainbuilder DERM (1st production run) was specifically designed to accommodate an ESU 16x25mm oval speaker in the #2 end. The speaker should be sealed to its custom enclosure with MicroKrystal Klear. The motor and pickups are soldered in position.

The headlights and markers are driven by 4 LEDs, a white and a red LED respectively at each end. The group of transistors and voltage regulator is incompatible with DCC, so require removal from the LEDs. At each end of the DERM, one white and one red LED should be wired in series with one 470 ohm resistor onto one output function from the decoder (yellow -ve for #1 end, white -ve for #2 end). Then the +ve common from the two groups of LEDs is connected to the blue wire of the decoder.

A 3 pin micro plug & socket between the decoder and lighting systems enable separation of the body from chassis. The interior lighting comes as a separate system which runs off DCC track power. It can be left alone from the decoder, as there is an on/off switch located under the floor. However it can be wired in as a separate auxillary function to the decoder via the purple or green wire (-ve) and the +ve will be again the blue common return wire.


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