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Watco Australia DR class

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Two DR class bespoke brass models were sent in for fit-out of lighting and DCC with sound. The customer wanted prototypical sound, working headlights, marker lights and alternating/flashing ditchlights.

Items fitted:

ESU 58420 LokSound V5 8 pin DCC decoder

Gwydir Valley model 0.8mm SMLEDs on fine magnet wire leads for ditchlights

3mm LEDs for markers and headlights

470 ohm resistors for all lighting functions

Custom DCCSound premium Transmission Line speaker

Rapid prototype parts design and produced:

Headlight holders , 2 per model

Marker light optic fibre holder, 1 per model

Cable managers, 2 per model


The model was disassembled via six screws that hold the brass body to the PU chassis. The couplers were also removed.


1) The cable managers were fitted to the chassis to reduce the chance of wiring becoming tangled in the driveltrain - there was a lot of wiring with all of the incorporated lighting.

2) The decoder was mounted to the shell's ceiling using double sided tape. Once the decoder was positioned, the headlight and marker LED assemblies were positioned and associated wiring completed.

4) The speaker was connected to the decoder and positioned under the radiator fans, held in place with double sided tape.

5) Being fragile, the fine LEDs for the ditchlights were connected and positioned last.

This particular sound project features recordings of an ex EMD-Clyde 16-645 prime mover, with alternating ditchlights when the horn sound is pressed. The markers were set to F11, while the ditchlights were mapped to F12.


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