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GT46ACe by Auscision Models

Updated: Jun 7

Items used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 DCC 21-MTC decoder

DCCSound Premium sugarcube speaker to suit GT46ACe

To access the 21 pin plug, the body and cab are removed from the chassis.

First, remove four flat-head fine threaded screws from under the chassis, adjacent to the fuel tank. Secondly, unclip the hood end rear handrail ends from the pilot.

Next, gently lift the long hood and cab upwards from the chassis and walkway.

The hood unclips at the pilot end. The cab body is a tight fit to the cab internal section which stays with the chassis.

Once the body has been removed, undo the two JST 6 pin connectors and set the body assembly aside. This step is optional.

Next, remove the two flat-head fine threaded screws that hold the fuel tank to the chassis.

The speaker enclosure and weight are removed once two fine screws are removed from inside the fuel tank.

Fix some Kapton or equivalent tape to the underside of the chassis to mitigate any potential short between the speaker drivers and metal chassis.

Next, fit the DCCSound premium speaker to the fuel tank, fitting the two screws that were previously removed. Thread the two speaker wires from the speaker up through the aperture in the chassis where the existing wires to the fuel tank reside.

Refit the fuel tank to the chassis using the two screws originally removed.

Solder the speaker wires to the decoder's speaker outputs, or to the SP- and SP+ positions on the Auscision motherboard.

Important: Remove the two wires that are soldered to the underside of SP- and SP+ locations on the Auscision motherboard. These run to the fuel tank area and may not be terminated correctly, potentially causing a short at the decoder's sound amplifier.

Next, plug the two JST 6 pin connectors together and fit the body assembly to the chassis. Fit the rear handrail and fix the four flat-head screws to hold the body to the chassis.


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