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NSWGR 48 / SAR 830 class by Auscision Models

Items used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 21-MTC decoder with DCCSound's 48 class sound project

DCCSound premium 48/830 class speaker

The model is disassembled by first removing the handbrake chain adjacent to the cab, then the couplers are taken out. The body is held to the chassis by four screws, once in each corner. These are removed and then the body slides up and off the chassis.

The 21 pin DC socket is removed, the decoder is then installed, noting the upside down mounting orientation on the 21 pin socket.

The speaker can either be connected to two solder pads on the decoder, or to the Auscision motherboard.

The lighting header plug is reinserted onto one of two sockets on the Auscision motherboard. One is for DC operation, the other for DCC operation.

The model is tested and then the bodywork reassembled.


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