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NSWGR 73 class by Auscision models

Items used:

ESU 58816 LokSound 5 Micro with NEM651 (6 pin) plug

DCCSound Premium speaker for the Auscision 73 class

The model is disassembled by first removing the two couplers including mounting scews.

Set these aside in a safe place.

Next, gently shimmy the body up and off from the chassis.

Most of the installation time involves integrating the speaker into the body assembly.

To access the cab space, the cab structure must be removed from the walkway.

The interior is glued to the walkway and must be unfixed at the locations shown with the red arrows.

It helps to unfix the short hood from the walkway also, as the green arrows show.

The walkway handrails must be temporarily disconnected from the cab too.

The cab is then lifted up and off from the short and long hood pieces.

Next, the speaker is fixed into position in the top of the cab, under the roof with double sided mounting tape.

The speaker wires are carefully routed through the interior molding so they don't get crushed against the long hood molding.

The cab is then reinserted back into place and the walkway refitted to the main hood moldings.

The DC dummy plug is removed from the long hood end and the decoder's 6 pin plug connected. The * on the plug is aligned with the associated marking on the Auscision motherboard.

The decoder is then positioned and held with Kapton tape.

Next, the body assembly is placed back down over the chassis and couplers refitted.


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