QR 1720 class by Wuiske Models

Items used:

ESU 58823 LokSound 5 DCC Micro decoder

DCCSound Premium speaker for the Wuiske 1720 class

To remove the body from the chassis:

1) Swing the bogies through their motion to locate two screws on the underside of the chassis near the fuel tank.

2) Back the screws off by about 4mm but do not remove them.

3) Gently pull the body up and off from the chassis.

4) Wire the decoder to an 8 pin plug or hardwire the decoder directly.

5) Pass the two brown speaker wires down through a small window on one side of the fuel tank top.

6) Solder the two speaker wires to the speaker, which is designed for a neat fit in the fuel tank space.

7) Snap the fuel tank bottom plate back in place

8) Refit the body once the decoder has been tested, fixing back in place via the two body mount screws.