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QR 2400 class by Southern Rail Models

Updated: May 29, 2022

Items used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 DCC decoder

DCCSound Premium speaker for the SRM 2400 class

To remove the body from the chassis:

1) Swing the bogies through their motion to locate two screws on the underside of the chassis near the fuel tank. Remove these small screws.

2) Remove the couplers and set aside

3) Gently pull the body up and off from the chassis.

4) Remove the 21 pin DC plug and factory speaker with enclosure from the model.

5) Insert the 21 pin decoder and replacement speaker. The replacement speaker is fixed via the two screws that fit the factory speaker in place.

8) Refit the body once the decoder has been tested, fixing back in place via the two body mount screws and refitting couplers.


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