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SRANSW 81 class by SDS models

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Items used:

58429 LokSound 5 21-MTC decoder with DCCSound 81 class sound project

DCCSound 81 class premium speakers

1) The couplers are removed, including 4 body screws

2) The body is removed by gently lifting up, off the chassis.

3) The body lighting wiring looms are disconnected from the motherboard.

4) The factory speaker drivers and enclosures are removed

5) Next, place the DCCSound premium speakers and fix to the chassis (one screw per speaker)

6) Next, fit the motherboard to the speakers, using two, self tapping screws at each end of the motherboard.

7) Wire the speakers to the decoder then mount the decoder on the 21 pin plug.

8) Refit the body, taking care not to crimp any loose wires

9) Refit the 4 body mounting screws and couplers


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